Friday, 3 August 2012

Bare Bulb

Bare bulb light source is one in which there are no reflectors or diffusers or any other modifiers attached to control the light. As a result light emitted from bare bulb sources emanates equally in 360 degrees.

Barebulb photography lighting - flash and strobe
Barebulb photography lighting - flash and strobe

Having light spread this way has its own advantages and disadvantages, bare bulbs are great as fill light sources. It is a great tool ideal to light entire areas. Light coming from bare bulb sources are usually a bit hard. But when they are used indoors the light travelling in many directions gets reflected from many directions and as a result they act as their own fill light softening shadows.

Bare bulbs are most commonly used inside of soft boxes, light boxes, and strip lights for maximum spread across the diffusing surface ensuring even lighting.

In the next article we will discuss about Light Modifiers - Beauty Dish

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