Friday, 3 August 2012


As you move up in your photography career, you come across different situations; some may easy, while some others may be hard to tackle. In the process of getting the best out of every given scenario you will have to acquire quite a number of items to be included in your photography gear. Now you are faced with a unique problem, you have all this fancy stuff with you with which you could do wonders. But how do you put it out there? You need something to somehow hold all your stuff together. And since you will be putting out expensive light units or flashes in hard to reach places or in adverse conditions, you will need something reliable to do this job for you.

Manfrotto Super Clamps
Manfrotto Super Clamps

This is where the various clamps and holders come into play. Photographers make use of all types of clamps to hold their gear, paper clips, C clamps found in hard ware stores etc. are all put to good use. But my favourite when it comes to clamps is the Manfrotto Super Clamp . It is one of the most useful accessories to have in ones photography gear. I recommend you go get a couple. Priced around $25 or so they are definitely worth it. It could hold on to just about anything, provided the things width is a couple of inches less than its adjustable jaws.

The super clamp is a very versatile gear, it has a stud designed to fit an umbrella stand adapter or even a ball head. It could also be used to fix background paper rolls to light stands. There are a lot of other cheaper varieties of clamps available in the market. But if your most expensive light falls off and breaks because the clamps could not do their job well; then it was no bargain.

In the next article we will discuss about Photographic Accessories - Filters - UV or Haze Filter

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