Friday, 3 August 2012

Morning Light

Ever heard the quote – “Early bird gets the worm”. Well its true in case of photography also, the photographer who rises early often gets rewarded with magical lighting, clear skies, a bit of mist, light streaks, colors and stillness that makes ordinary landscapes look heavenly.

morning light
Photo By Thermodynamix

Yes the time immediately before and after sunrise is called the magical hour or golden hour of photography. Reason is sunlight has to cover more distance through the atmospheric air during that time, and sun is also not in its full power, so the light during the time has a golden tint to it, just before sunrise it has a slightly pink shade and immediately after sunrise it turns golden yellow as the sun slowly breaks over the eastern horizon.

During this time it is even possible to include the sun in the frame and get away with it. Even though you could get some interesting frames this way, it should be done judiciously. As it could fry your sensor and also damage your eye if you do not get it done fast.

You also get great backlit shots with sun behind your subject during this period. Such shots will have the subject’s shadow towards the photographer. Even though such shots will have lesser detail than other lighting types they will have enhanced shape.

Photo By vitlöek

Quick Tip

  1.     Shade your lens properly so as to avoid flare. Prime lenses work best at beating flare than zooms.
  2.     Rainy days frequently dawn clearly.
  3.     Start early and be ready at your chosen location at least half an hour before sunrise.
  4.     Always carry a tripod and remote release to take full advantage of the situation.
  5.     Carry protective gear to combat mist, unexpected rain etc.
  6.     Try shooting silhouettes

In the next article we will discuss about Photography - Types of Light - Noon Light

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