Saturday, 4 August 2012

Seasonal Quality Of Light

We have all noticed and wondered at the changes that happen to nature around us with the coming and going of various seasons. Yes nature acquires an entirely new identity with each season, a complete transformation from the previous look. The moods of the image, the ambience, the atmosphere etc. are all affected by your choice of season to shoot a particular scene. Photographers have always been advised to plan their shoots according to the local weather conditions in the area where they wish to shoot. But apart from the above mentioned facts (changes to nature) has anyone noticed a significant difference in the quality of light happening with changing seasons.

seasonal quality of light
Photo By ToniVC

The light itself changes dramatically with the change of seasons. To get started let us say winter light have a much lower colour temperature than summer light. Is that all? No the elevation of the sun also varies from season to season; just the way it changes with the progress of the day.

Seasonal Quality of Light - Light During Different Seasons
Seasonal Quality of Light - Light During Different Seasons

And as a result different features of a landscape get illuminated in different ways in each season. This particular is not so noticeable if you are living near the equator. As you go further away from the equator this is more pronounced.

Photo By Luke Andrew Scowen 2009

This is the reason why landscape photographers keep visiting the same location repeatedly during various seasons.

In the next article we will discuss about Photography - Types of Light - Effect of Location on Light

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