Friday, 3 August 2012

Spot Light

Spotlights otherwise known as “Spots” or “Profiles” produce a narrower light beam offering more control over other light sources. They are hard light sources usually with a Fresnel lens attached to the front to enable control of tightness (spread) of the beam.

Spotlights – Photographic Lighting
Spotlights – Photographic Lighting

Spotlights are particularly useful for lighting only selected areas of a scene without light spilling on to other elements. Barn doors attached to spotlights provide even more precision.

A spotlight helps direct the viewer’s attention to the main elements in a scene. Spot lights when used produce a distinct shadow edge, to the features of the subject. As light fall off from spotlight is more rapid the edge sharpness of shadows is more when compared with other low contrast diffused light sources.

Spotlights were originally hot light sources. But recently various strobe manufacturers have come up with strobe variants of Fresnel spots.

In the next article we will discuss about Light Modifiers - Scrim

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